Monday, January 06, 2014

winter dye pot

A much needed visit to our allotment this week blew away some cobwebs and allowed some time for dead-heading and clearing, making space for new growth. Cutting back the dye plants left me with an armful of dried out dyer's chamomile and the impetus for some dyeing. 

This time of year with cold short days tends to mean indoor stitch and cloth based activity, both at home and work. Using the plants when in flower and full of colour seems right during the Spring and Summer, less so in January. Still, I did feel the need to add dye to cloth so into the pot it all went.

Out of season plants create quiet colours. They sit well with the low light and slow growth of mid-winter but can still remind me of their vibrant potential when in full bloom.


  1. How lovely, sometimes nature provides us with an unexpected gift.

  2. I do admire your quiet stitching projects and am glad that you will be continuing to blog about them.

    I've got a walnut dye pot on the stove at present. Natural dyes are comforting in the winter, I think. They just take their time, simmer and steep, while we carry on with winter life.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I was just looking at my dyer's chamomille yesterday, wondering if I should try and dye with them now. We havent really had any frost yet, so they are still green. The yellow you got in summer was bright and pretty, but somehow maybe the colour you got now is a bit more interesting ...

  4. Beautiful ! As you know ... I like the quiet colours best :)

    I'm planning a little dyeing of my own one day soon ... I understand the need x

  5. Always a pleasure for me to come and look at your work, have a happy and creatif year 2014, amitié, Martine


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