Monday, September 30, 2013

sides to middle

This linen sheet, found at a textile fair, tells all sorts of stories. Worn thin in the middle it has been cut in half and the sides sewn together to prolong its usefulness.

With darning across the centre and all around the edges, it's life has been extended further.

'You repair the thing until you remake it completely.' Louise Bourgeois.


  1. I love old, mended cloth too.

  2. I still like Trigger's broom as a metaphor, but I'm not as classy as you!

    A beautiful sheet - what a life it must have had. I wonder, do we romanticise mending because it is no longer a necessity?

  3. Beautiful post and I love the Bourgeois quote that you included.

  4. Love old textiles too.

  5. my grandmother used to tell me that is how she used to do with worn sheets... I wish I had some of her old stuff.

  6. I saw these kind of mended bed linen at my grandmother's home. And even my mother used to do this some time ago. When everything at home had great value...


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