Friday, April 05, 2013


 I've had a little pause this week, finishing a few things and preparing for my busiest time of year. 

These are teaching samples pieced from scraps of very worn linen, old handkerchiefs, and a dessicated silk blouse that came my way recently.

They are ready for some colour maybe... but I'm waiting for my plants to wake up, and until then it's nice to work with no colour at all.

:: Thanks for all the comments about the madder silk thread and congratulations to Christine who will get some in the post. I'll email you :)

:: I've updated my workshop list for spring and summer over in the sidebar. More dates coming soon.

:: Apologies to people who are waiting to hear from me, my next job is catching up with my emails...


  1. I love the ligth through the cloth and the hole in it...
    Good luck with all your work! It is good to be busy when you like what you do. Isn't it?

  2. I am loving those seam allowances through the fine linen, and the natural no-colour. Beautiful.

  3. Lovely. I loves your work and photos. Could you tell what kind of camera do you use, if it is ok?

  4. That log cabin piecework, transparent and vulnerable - well it is just beautiful.
    Your work is very inspiring and seems to come so easily for you, but I realize that a lot of thought and time goes into everything here.
    Wow and congratulations - Keep on.


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