Sunday, February 24, 2013


Stitching at my kitchen table, late afternoon with grey skies but just a bit more daylight. This winter has felt very long.


  1. Your stitching and your photographs pull me right into your kitchen. Winter has been long around here too. The light has been so dull for much of it.

  2. ...seems to be an angst that's going around...I'm in the throes of it, too.
    Still, those stitches are a treat for the eyes.

  3. I am missing the light so much this winter as well. This greyness is decicious in your pictures, though.

  4. I love the golden yarn very much! Its still very grey around here in Berlin too...

  5. strange ... summers seems short here as we head into cool mornings and evenings - a definite autumnal feeling. love the stitching, the repetition, the muted tones (of winter) ... nice >> Gina

  6. The seeds arrived this morning!
    Thank you so much Claire.
    I promise to keep you updated on their progress - soaking overnight tonight...


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