Sunday, February 17, 2013

green for blue

First green shoots for this year's potential indigo crop.

Green stitches and a new green glazed cup.

Some other things...

:: I've a few little packets of Japanese Indigo seeds harvested from here if people would like to try to grow their own blues. Email me your postal address to claire at clarabella dot co dot uk if you'd like some (UK only, thanks). {all gone, thanks very much}

:: I like these beginning blues on Margie's blog.

:: Vibeke published a conversation we had. Find it here. Thank you so much Vibeke for including me on your lovely blog.


  1. I would love to try again this year to grow indigo...will it be tricky?

    1. It's pretty simple - I'll email you some instructions.

  2. ah indigo. i had some promising seedlings one year
    and then
    [in the fine tradition of South Australian weather]
    we had a north wind
    was the end
    of that.

  3. i enjoyed reading the conversation, and i'm so in love with your stitching.

  4. my seedlings have sprouted already. I tried to grow indigo from seed last year and purchased some seeds from a local nursery that specializes in herbs. It never germinated. I think the seeds were old but jo's seeds are already showing great potential.

  5. It is incredible how green turns blue.
    These pictures are stunning, as always.
    The green thread is also hand dyed?

    1. Hello Montse - yes onion skins overdyed with indigo. Thank you.


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