Saturday, November 17, 2012

madder root

Madder at my allotment. I've cut down the tops for the winter (it's a perennial plant), leaving the brilliant red roots just exposed at the surface. On a dull grey morning they glow.

These plants will be ready to harvest next year, but I dug up a little and brought it home - such impatience...

I was very lucky to study with India Flint this summer at a workshop in London. She mentioned cutting the roots into sections and steaming them in a bundle (madder, when boiled too vigorously, loses brightness and turns brown).

Madder polka dots. I like these. And thank you India for the tip.


  1. you're most welcome, me dear! and the good thing is that you can re-use the same bits several times...

  2. I'd love to play with madder, whatever it is. Have seen dye results and they are spectacular. I love a bit of drama. x


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