Sunday, October 14, 2012

this week ...

:: I've been piecing madder dyed silk scrap stars. I like the variation of shades, madder has a very special glow - a truly living colour.

:: My Sustainable Stitch Workshops have a new home over at Big Cartel. I've set a couple of new dates and can now take online payments.

:: I'm reading Quilt Artistry by Yoshiko Jinzenji. Beautiful writing about natural colour, stitching, and the relationship between the two.

:: My head is swimming with textile dyeing language relating to my new project. Scrooping and rouzing are my words of the week and I'm planning a post about them soon.


  1. The madder looks sumptuous!
    And I'm looking forward to your new project post..

  2. Simply wonderful colour and exquisite crafting. Looking sort of festive... I wonder what these are going to become?

  3. I agree, the colors are so vibrant and put togther, they feel so alive !!
    I always enjoy to see your WIPs, and your gorgeous photos never fail to please the eye & the heart.

  4. Beautiful colour! And amazing words. I will check what they mean...


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