Saturday, October 06, 2012

saturday morning

Green and grey and a little time for some much needed stitching.

Settling into new work and projects is taking time and lots of energy. Stitching slowly helps me to sift through my ideas and make sense of them.

It's a quiet space, even with a house full of busy children and a hum of activity all around. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


  1. Love the softness of the colors and the stitching. I find simple stitching to be relaxing and a way to clarify ideas a great activity as well.

  2. Such a lovely details! I really like the contrast between the stitches and the fabric. And to me, anything involving needle and thread makes me calm.

  3. Hi Claire ! What you say about slowly stitching makes perfect sense to me & I think I feel the same about stitching & embroidering.
    These are such lovely pieces, the color palette is a beautiful, soothing one.
    Hoping you're having a nice weekend !

  4. It is good to find this quiet space. I just can't put a finger on my stitches by now...

  5. Oh such beautiful stitching, and I love your photos. Yummy and full of beautiful light. :-)


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