Wednesday, September 26, 2012

workroom window

Nasturtiums and toadflax hanging over the stairwell outside my workroom window. 

Mordant / natural dye test strips drying inside.

It's distinctly autumnal, wet and grey here, hoping you're finding some sun where you are.


  1. Well if it's grey outside these are certainly little slices of delicious colour. I love light through coloured textile. Speak soon.

  2. Beautiful colours x

  3. This is INSPIRING. I soooo need to carry out some similar tests ~ many unanswered questions lurking in my mind and this is the truest way to know. It's almost as if you've created stained glass in front of your glass! Lovely. And thanks for the nudge ;>]

  4. I love your photography... so pretty. Those test strips are like stained glass, you should stitch a bunch of them together to make a wee curtain x

  5. Beautiful color, color of autumn. We're here really into autumn, crisp and airy. Have a nice week.
    Terrie from Hong Kong


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