Wednesday, September 12, 2012

lavender harvest

Late Summer gathering and collecting. This week: sumac leaves (for a mordant recipe); mahonia berries (for dye); and lavender from the garden. I used up some walnut dip-dyed linen to make these sachets.

Has anyone else been harvesting and gathering?


  1. Lovely ! No, I didn't harvested any lavender this summer, it was too busier a summer this year. Hopefully next year.
    Beautiful sachets (from what I can see of them !)
    Have a nice middle of the week, Claire oxox

  2. I wasnt successful with mahonia berries but had stupendous results last year with the bark itself!

  3. l have no lavender to harvest BUT l have just harvested my leaves from my first ever indigo exciting.

  4. bet it all smells lovely. i have been harvesting some phaeolus schweinitzii and the dye looks very promising, and gathering blackberries and other fruits to store for winter (eating not dyeing).

  5. i have been loading up on seed pods, acorn caps, black walnuts, bits of birch bark, elderberries, and lots and lots of sticks, twigs and branches. i'm very curious about dip dyeing with black walnut ... i may have to try that one, thanks. x

  6. I've been harvesting the chocolate from the supermarket shelf!! No, actually I have some lavender that's been drying for a while and needs dealing with : -)


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