Thursday, July 05, 2012

dye plant journal - july

We've had a run of rainy weather here. June was very wet indeed. Happy slugs, not so happy dye plants...

I have had some success however, and thought I would make a simple record using my old flower press.

It will be good to start dyeing with these plants, I have a fine crop of Japanese Indigo ready to process.

:: There are still spaces available on my next Slow Stitch Workshop in August. Images from the last one here.


  1. wonderful pressings! wish i lived there and could attend your slow stitch workshop... seems i am always living in the wrong place.

  2. Wonderful......
    A hug

  3. Do you know this girl? I thought of you when I read her blog.

    1. Hello Montse. Yes! I just came across her work recently. She's great. Hope you are enjoying your summer.


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