Friday, September 09, 2011

walnut browns

Collected on Wednesday - windfall from a local tree.

Soaked on Thursday.

Dyed today. Delighted with the richness of these shades. I've done a lot of dyeing this week. It feels good to use the harvest from this season, preparing cloth for winter stitching.

:: more walnut dye over here. Beautiful.


  1. beautiful results, did you cook?

  2. you're so lucky with your harvest!
    beautiful blog

  3. Thank you. @Jude, yes, simmered them for about an hour then let everything soak as it cooled.

  4. very warm hues and lucky to have a tree nearby!

  5. Just lovely colours I am in Tasmanian and waiting for my 3 large walnut trees to burst into Spring

  6. It's a long time since I don't see green walnuts. My parents have some trees in the country, but I only see them already dry... I remember my mother telling me off when I was a child for my black fingers, after eating them.

    They make nce browns.

  7. What a nice post. OK, My front yard is spotted with these, right now. I am going out to collect them. Last year we had not one. It is good to see you leading the way.


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