Thursday, July 21, 2011

slow work

Mordanting fabric has been steeping in pans all over my back yard. I've read in lots of places that traditionally mordanting would be done in one go, to prepare all the fibres needed for the coming year. (Page from here).

Metres and metres of recycled cottons, scoured, soaked for a fortnight, stirred every day, and then hung out on the line for a weekend getting an extra rinse in the rain.

Dried and ready to store in my basement for dyeing later. I'm enjoying this slow process and the promise of colours to come.

Other news...

:: I've nearly made it to my 100th post! Planning another giveaway to celebrate. . .

:: Local workshops and classes starting in September are now updated. See link in sidebar.

::Hello to new followers and any visitors from my facebook page. Thank you for looking.


  1. Congrats on your 100th post! And how lovely is that stack of linens awaiting dyeing!

  2. phew lot of work going on here girl! Do you think that mordanting materials make that much difference? Have been discussing this with lots of people lately and l am confused...helpx
    Well done for near 100th posting...coming to London again soon?xxlynda

  3. Thanks Connie Rose. Hello Lynda - I've found that for using dye baths mordants are useful. I'm trying out a variety of methods - rhubarb leaf, soy milk, alum... there's probably another post in there somewhere! No London plans currently but a Northern gathering in the offing. Will post plans when a bit clearer xx

  4. Does the rain water have an special effect on the mordanting?


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