Sunday, July 31, 2011

Festival of Quilts and a winner

Some corners of my Green Study, finally sent off earlier in the week to be exhibited as part of the Festival of Quilts next month. 

Thanks again to everyone who entered the giveaway. The winner of the naturally dyed silks is Montse! Email me your address and I'll put them in the post...


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    congratulations to Montse - lucky winner! The quilt looks lovely. Wish I was going to F of Q so I could see it.

  2. wow wow wow!!! I am so excited! It's the first time I win something and it is your silk!

    What a pleasure and a responsability to create something with them...!

    Thank you, Claire. And congratuations to you too, for taking part of the Festival of Quilts.

  3. Hello again. I sent you an email via Facebook. Couldn't find another adresss. Is it ok?


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