Sunday, June 12, 2011


Some very dark shades from a logwood dye bath. Exotic for me, but useful preparation for some work I'm doing for a project called Precious Cargo: Stories of the World for Bradford Museums and Galleries. We are using the museum textile collections as inspiration for some workshop based sessions as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

::  I'm really looking forward to listening to this radio programme. More details on the taking time blog.

::  Finally had time to read the most recent Selvedge and found a very interesting article about the history of madder dye.


  1. I'm not usually a purple person, but I do like these shades.

  2. Fantastic Claire, love the colours. You completely amaze me what you do and how giving you are with your knowledge xx

  3. Thank you, CarolAnn. x

  4. From time to time I think of subscribing to Selvedge...

  5. Beautiful purple colours! I really like all your blog as I am so interested in dyeing many possibilities, so many experiments to do :-)


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