Friday, June 03, 2011

colourful week

A welcome few days at home after a very hectic May.

Solar dyes - dried weld, peony petals, sweet woodruff roots (a relative of madder), viola flower heads. I'll keep these going for a while longer.

Colours from the dye pot I've had on the stove on and off all week - bronze fennel, damsons (from the freezer), woad, sweet woodruff and those saddened violas. 

Stitching in the evenings, outside all day. It's been a good week.


  1. hi Claire...
    love the promise of these jars lined up in a row...
    most appealing.
    One day I hope get around to concocting some of my own dyes...
    The email at my blog should work?!

  2. beautiful colors!!!
    I looooove them!

  3. so glad you had an amazing and your guys put in amazing work. All looked great Claire. Jars look great and am eager to see ow they work outx lynda

  4. This chemical magic is amazing.

  5. Love the woad colour. I've just dried out some alkanet root (it's the variety that grows rampant in east London! - not sure how effective it is)... do you think I should soak it in a jar outside for a while before cooking it?
    Must thank you for introducing me to Hand Eye magazine through your blog, it is just so inspiring! I simply must visit Uzbekistan!

  6. Hi Brenna, try soaking the washed chopped roots in hot water overnight before boiling up for a good hour. Post your results!

  7. Thanks for the tip Claire, I will definitely let you know how it goes!


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