Sunday, May 22, 2011

natural dye workshop

I spent yesterday in London teaching a natural dye workshop for Bricolage as part of their Print and Patch Craft course.

We talked about the history of natural dyeing, the amazing colours that can be found in nature, and methods of using them in the dye pot. I also spoke about Out There, the project I co-ordinate, and the benefits that working with plants can have for well-being.

We spent a few happy hours dyeing silk, wool, cotton and hemp, using madder, indigo, weld and elderberries.

Some beautiful shades were produced in the dye baths.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and particularly meeting the participants, including Lynda whose hands are pictured above.

Big thanks to Clara and Katherine from Bricolage for making the day run so smoothly.


  1. thank was an amazing day.xxxso glad l was able to meet you. My images are up on Facebook and just about to go on blogsitexxplease keep in touchxxxlynda

  2. Was lovely to meet you Lynda. Glad you enjoyed it. Great images on your blog! x

  3. It sounds great! And very productive...

    I wonder what is written in the back of the hexagons.

  4. Richard Oliver8:59 PM

    What a wonderful looking workshop, Claire. There's something special about the colours of natural dyes. It looks like you've been splashed by a rainbow...

  5. Hello Montse. I keep the papers in so I can write the names of the plants used to dye the fabric. A very useful bit of patchwork.

  6. Hi Claire,
    I just had a good look at your wonderful projects and was excited to see the use of the madder seeds at 'out there' blog.
    I have to confess to knowing very little about all of this.... though Im thinking the homage blog needs a post on the seeds that provide good colours...
    Great projects.. Nice to hear from you too!
    Do you live far from London?
    Im planning to go to the Millennium Seed bank this year in Sussex for two weeks... now to work on funding.

  7. Hi Sophie. Glad you like the dye projects. Will send you an email. Cheers, Claire


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