Thursday, April 14, 2011

silk scraps

Not much sewing going on here this week. I've been spending my evenings armed with my tailors shears cutting up fabric scraps to sell this weekend at The Big Craft Sale at the studios where I work. I'll have lots of other lovely things for sale, and there will be many other sellers, so if you're local come and join us.

I need to make some space in my workroom, that once looked like this, and is now so cluttered I'd be embarrassed to post a photo of it.


  1. Hope you kept the old range in situ! What a fab room to stockpile goodies in lol

  2. It's still there - full of dust and spiders.

  3. How did the Big Craft sale go? I tried to get there but couldn't. Hope to take a table at the next one. Jo

  4. Pretty well, thanks Jo. Got rid of some stuff. Purchased some other stuff. And so it goes on... Planning another one in the Autumn I think.


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