Friday, March 11, 2011

a quilt

This is the other thing I brought home from Manchester at the weekend. I found it underneath a table on one of the stalls and got it for a ridiculously low price. 

 'It's a bit worn' said the bloke who sold it to me...

You can kind of see how worn on this photograph. It's hand pieced and quilted, the edges have been machined. It is double bed size. A big quilt, but too fragile to be used, and if I'm being realistic, too worn to be mended.

So what to do? There is a section that could be re-made into a child-sized quilt. And I have child-sized people who would like that. 

What about the rest? Any suggestions?


  1. I personally like these signs of time as they are. I maybe use rest you don't use for the child's quilt in a new work but as it is, showing the holes...

  2. Oh definitely use it as it is! don't cut it!
    I have a 10-year old quilt and I all I want is it to look worn and faded as yours.

    Loved all your patchwork, Claire

  3. I, too, adore the worn and faded look quilts get. And they're most always incredibly soft by then. Re-using them is difficult, though, especially when get this worn without repair. I have a quilt in similar condition stored in a cedar chest and lately I've been thinking that maybe it would make unique and sumptuous book covers. But I've also had book-making on the brain as well so that probably influences my thinking a lot.


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