Tuesday, March 01, 2011

patchwork books


Shelley from the lovely meadowstitch blog asked me if I could recommend any patchwork books. I had a look on the bookshelf and found evidence of many many charity shop purchases over the years. I spent the grand sum of 25p on one of these, the price label is still on. All date from the 1970's and early 1980's and are now out of print, but I had a quick look at this great second hand book site and found that my favourites are listed and not that much more expensive.

I love the fact that the instructions are very clear, and the projects simple, if very of their time (I'm thinking of the gents satin patchwork dressing gown...). All of them would be a very useful introduction to paper-piecing.

Anyone else have any patchwork books they can recommend?

Thanks again to everyone for all the lovely comments on  my last post.


  1. I think I have a fairly large patchwork library. My first travels to London consisted on suitcases full of books... Then came Amazon... Nowadays I'm more selective of what I buy. Lately I prefer buying exhibition catalogs such us "Abstract Design in American Quilts", and last year V&A Exhibition "Quilts 1700-2010". An of course my treasured "Edrica Huws Patchwork Pictures".

  2. I loved the V&A book too. The exhibition was amazing.

  3. I am a Susan Briscoe fan and love most things Japanesey. I also have a very cheap charity shop find from Good Housekeeping which is more of a set of examples of different types of patchwork than a 'how to' but I find it really inspiring and informative. It would be 65 pence well spent!

  4. So kind of you to respond to my earlier comment about patchwork books. Plenty of inspiration for me to be getting on with.

    Thanks for the mention and link too!



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