Thursday, March 31, 2011

Infinite Variety

Collection of Joanna S. Rose

How much would I have liked to have gone to see this exhibition? Infinite Variety was on very briefly at the American Folk Art Museum this week, and featured 650 red and white quilts spanning three centuries, all from one collection.

Joetta Maue has some fantastic images of the exhibition on her blog.


  1. It was a truly inspirational show - one of the best ever. I'll post some photos on my blog soon.

    Loving your patches, colours and stitches.

  2. Thanks Hannah. Looking forward to that post.

  3. i really want to see this too, but alas it's too far. I just went and downloaded the app for the iphone (search infinite variety in apple store) and can now see a lovely picture of every quilt in the exhibition on my phone! great for inspiration...


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