Friday, February 18, 2011

liking these things...

::This amazing boro textile over on Sri threads.

::An interview with Edmund de Waal over here. I'm about half-way through The Hare With Amber Eyes. The story of his family is fascinating. The connections he makes with the netsuke as a maker himself are described beautifully: thinking, making and telling a story, all brilliantly interwoven.

::Revisiting this book  and feeling inspired by these quilts and the lives of the women who made them.


  1. The quilt book is on my wish list, it looks lovely.

  2. Boro textiles and Gee's Bend Quilts: also two of my favourites! I've been trying to buy this book too, but it has been out of stock for some time...

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I apreciate it very much.

  3. mmmmmm gorgeous post..lovely blog...happy to find u


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