Thursday, February 24, 2011


What started as a teaching sample for a patchwork workshop grew into a bigger piece of work. Grey northern light not much of a help with photos today.

I incorporated the very frayed edge of the orginal handkerchief to finish it off. Stitching through layers of well worn cotton lawn has been so lovely. I've been foraging for more old gents hankies but with no luck. If anyone has a secret stash of them let me know ...

I've tagged the development of this handkerchief piece if any one wants to see how it began.

Hello to new followers, thanks for visiting here and giving me such encouragement.


  1. How very very beautiful. I would love to see it in the flesh. I admire your bravery at using only white, very successful.

  2. What an incredible work! I've just had a look at all the process. It's really really interesting.
    I like the different textures you've gotten, the tiny red stitches, and these hexagons floating all over the surface...

  3. Beautiful! It looks so simple at first, but so intricate as you get drawn into it. I've been expanding photos to try and follow what you've done but I'm not sure I've worked it out yet.
    Thank you for sharing it

  4. It's gorgeous! You're very brave working only in white, I'd find it impossible not to get it mucky.

  5. It's absolutely beautiful Claire!

  6. This is so divine, great idea to use handkerchiefs. Love your blog. I'd love to do a workshop of yours in eco textiles, what about doing a weekend intensive workshop in the Summer? This is my other blog, just new but thought you might be interested, come an teach on our farm!

  7. oh this is beautiful! You have the most beautiful things here, makes me immediately want to grab some fabric and thread. Thanks for visiting over at mine. Off to look at some more inspiration here :)


  8. Just found your blog. I love this handkerchief piece - back to the traditional spirit of patchwork, but with such delicacy.

  9. Crazy coincidence: I just wrote a post all about whitework and then linked to you and found you had finished this piece! Beautiful stuff.

  10. Bit overwhelmed by all your comments. Thanks very
    much everyone. x


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