Sunday, January 09, 2011

weekend reading

One of the benefits of my job. We subscribe to Crafts and Fiberarts. The new issues of both arrived in the office and I borrowed them over the weekend.

Article in Crafts about Matthew Harris and his wife, mosaic artist Cleo Mussi. Really interesting interview and beautiful images.

And in Fiberarts India Flint and eco-dyeing. A treat.


  1. Richard Oliver8:45 PM

    I saw that exhibition in Sale. Such beautiful work and I was surprised at the scale of some of it.

    The images on your blog are gorgeous.

  2. I haven't had my copy yet :( It makes a change to see some textiles in Crafts, so I'm looking forward to the next issue. I saw Matthew Harris's work at Sale, I had no idea he was married to Cleo Mussi.

  3. I love Cleo Mussi's work. My big claim to fame is being a show with her (she was the main attraction, I was in a little room off the stairs) Going to try and get hold of that interview. Your blog is beautiful.

  4. Her work is really stunning. Thanks for the lovely comment. Claire

  5. Mmm, subscriptions, jealous! Do you subscribe to Selvedge as well? I used to buy it when I was in Newcastle but it's too dear for me to buy at the moment though...I love CRAFT too and have you seen 'cloth, paper, scissors' also from Interveave I think. Even if I had the funds I don't know I've got the space for everything I would love to subscribe to. I need a workshop!

  6. Get Selvedge (a very generous birthday present) and am a sometime subscriber to Embroidery too. Haven't seen Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Currently trying to curb my buying craft books addiction and finding it very difficult.


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