Sunday, January 23, 2011

this week

I'll be taking inspiration into work with me from this thought provoking article about craft and well-being (via abigail doan). In the groups I facilitate we often talk about the activities that can bring a bit of calm to our days.

For me it's always picking up a needle and thread so I'll be doing some more of this.  


  1. Thats an interesting thought, Im convinced 'creating' is my own personal therapy. I get irritated with myself if I can't stitch or make things once a day.
    ( though some might think thats abit irrational and they may well be right!)
    I realise I was like this as child. I remember the frustration in not having all the various bits to make 'something' when the need to do so came upon me lol So I took to reading then and escaping into worlds other than my own.
    Maybe it is a harkening back to when we needed to 'do' to survive daily lives, to nurture and grow to eat, to lovingly mend clothing for there were no new ones to hand.
    But its not just a womans therapeutic gift is it? To me it seems to be a gift with the bonus of bringing calm and sheer relaxation. But there must be plenty of guys out there who feel that same sense of fulfilment too.
    ( Having said its calming I can spend a harrassed hour looking for the something I need, but cant recall where Id last seen the blessed thing lol)
    I feel its a creativeness in me, my 'Creative Gene' I call it, and it feeds my nesting/hoarding instincts.
    You given me much to ponder......thankyou!

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I love sheer patchwork. This is already looking beautiful.

  3. Richard Oliver8:44 PM

    I agree with both comments: the patchwork is looking beautiful and there is something reassuring about making, something connecting and vital. The hands and the head, the hands and the eyes, concentration, slow movement, stimulation of the nerve-endings at the tips of the fingers, imperfection, hand-made in the age of the machine-made.


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