Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This cloth comes from Hungary and was made by a family member, probably in the late 19th century. It looks pretty well preserved at first glance. The characteristic red thread has faded a bit but
 whoever stitched it had a confident hand and the embroidery is beautiful.

When you look closer though, the linen edges tell other stories.  As a tea drinker I like to imagine my female relatives sitting around this cloth having a chat and a cuppa.

This cloth was so well looked after and every attempt was made to preserve it. A few years ago I was contemplating cutting it up for a cushion cover to show off the more intact parts. I'm very glad I didn't as it speaks a lot more to me with its stains and darns so visible.

:: There are still spaces on the 22nd January Simple Patchwork course available. See the workshops and courses page for more details.

:: For local folks who would like to meet up for some stitching (and tea and cake), send me an email (claire at clarabella dot co dot uk) or leave a comment.

:: A big hello to anyone who has wandered here from here.


  1. What a gorgeous red and how lucky you are to have family pieces still together. I remember numerous pieces as a child with different relatives but almost all are gone and none were as gorgeous as this. Will you also use it when having a cuppa and a chat?

  2. How beautiful. I have some pieces from my Hungarian grandmother but nothing as fine and old as that. I think the imperfections only add to it.

  3. I'm one of this who came here from Spirit Cloth and I will stay. I've been stuck by your work and the way you look at reality.

  4. I miss the MN3 sessions and I still have projects to finish - stitching sessions sound very tempting, particularly the tea and cake part!



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