Saturday, December 04, 2010

go slow

Our strange weather interrupted week continues. I'm wondering how it can be that i've managed to do more of my own work with four children in the house than I ever get done when I get dedicated time to myself. It's been great having a bit of time away from the daily routine and the chance for some peace and quiet.

I've been doing patchwork samples for a work project using old gents handkerchiefs, lovely soft cotton lawn . I quite like the deconstructed leftovers.

You can find me over here with another weather related post.


  1. this makes me quite calm.

  2. bonjour,
    votre blog est vraiment beau !
    hello your blog is really lovely !

  3. Claire what size are those hexies? They look miniature but suppose they must be a couple of inches are they? Like the idea of using the gents hankies though and the simplicity of the white is as Jude says, calming...


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