Sunday, November 07, 2010


My grandmother was a keen stitcher. She was one of four sisters (must run in the family) and I inherited all their sewing boxes. Quite a collection and I might post more about them another time. The image above is the lid of Grannie's sewing box. Even with my love of keeping things until they fall apart, after the lid fell off for the umpteenth time and there was nothing really left of the box to reattach it to, I admitted defeat. Couldn't bring myself to throw it out though, I love the wear and tear on the pincushion lid. And that these are Grannie's pins.

In my beginning-to-be sorted out work room I've found a spot for it above my sewing-machine table, a happy bit of recycling.

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  1. I love your pincushion. It's so big too! I collect pincushions and am always trying to find old vintage ones. The heavy, properly stuffed ones ,
    They are hard to come by here in Australia. Even specialty antique shops seldom get one, I think because people don't let them go and they are handed down as yours was. I also like Japanese ones made from vintage silks. I didn't know I was a collector until I noticed I have about 7 or 8 !Now I'm going to make one with some of my textiles.
    Thanks for your pictures- and don't let that pincushion go! rgds Claudia


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