Wednesday, October 06, 2010

patchwork plans

I'm currently doing some planning for a new project (as part of this) working with a group of local women. I'm pleased that they have asked to make a quilt during the twenty weeks that we have to work together. I've been a keen maker of patchwork on and off for years and like to piece by hand in the traditional English manner (with paper backings).

It's a good opportunity to revisit some of my own work which is in dire need of repair.  Piecing silk and cotton together was asking for trouble. I recently read a very lovely post about mending on Sherri Lynn Wood's blog.

However, to paraphrase Lucy Lippard, my time comes in very small squares (or hexagons) at the moment so it might be a while before this is fixed.


  1. i love the quilt with the balck background. another hand piecer using the english paper piecing method here. i'm loving it.

  2. Thanks! I made it about fifteen years ago. It took me two years to make. A real labour of love.

  3. the top quilt is spookily similar to one I have in production at the moment. One of the advantages of traditional English piecing is that, like much knitting, it can be done in little scraps of time, picked up and put down. Another reason why these are predominantly female crafts? Surely we are the mistresses of snatching creative time between other commitments?

  4. Do you know the poem 'My Mother Pieced Quilts' by Teresa Paloma Acosta. Quite apt I think.


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