Friday, October 15, 2010

button-hole silk twist

Struggling to get much done but have had this piece of silk (backed with a bit of old blanket) in my bag and have been stitching here and there when I've had a minute. It is the beginning of my contribution to the Found, Stitched and Dyed project.

The combinations of materials have been really pleasurable to work with. Old wool and silk, and the loveliest threads. Made just down the road in Keighley. I picked up an old sewing box full  of vintage spools of button-hole silk twist in a charity shop a few years ago.

I've also been using some of this thread, bought at the Hebden Bridge Rag Market a couple of weeks ago.

It's finer than the twist and the name seems so much less glamorous but it's still a joy to stitch with.


  1. One of the good things about living in a very non-trendy, very poor area is that the local charity shops don't price stuff highly. Scored a pure wool highland woven blanket and a box of vintage Anchor threads (which used to be made locally) for £2 this week. Result!

    Loving the look of that silk on wool.

  2. love to see your hand stitching....

  3. i love old threads, and the stitching is yummy.

  4. Im going to visit hebden bridge!
    A rag market sounds so wonderful!
    Love the effect youve put togther here and like the idea of us having a yorkshire gathering..........sounds abit like a witches coven though lol
    count me in please!

  5. Hi. I have just found your blog. I live in Hebden Bridge and also bought some of the lovely threads at the rag market. Hopefully it will become a regular event so that I can continue to add to my stash.

  6. just lovely makes me want to go off and stitch right now


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