Thursday, April 15, 2010

house happiness

We adopted this idea as a household after I read about something similar whilst doing some research for my new job (more here). The jar lives on the kitchen table with some slips of blank paper and anyone living/visiting the house is welcome to contribute something. All sorts of diverse bits of gratitude have ended up in the jar. I'm quite keen to use the papers as templates for a bit of patchwork, having been very inspired reading about the quilt exhibition at the Vand A. I hope to be able to see the exhibition myself before it closes in July.


  1. did you get to see it yet? I'm going in a couple of weeks when I am down south for a wedding. The liberty prints on sale as part of the V&A cash-in look tremendous but are much pounds.

  2. It was amazing. Really busy, so sharpen up your elbows! Got a good local source of liberty lawn seconds here in Bradford next time you're around.


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